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This zine started as a dream shared between two people.
In December of 2021 amidst the snowy Chicago winter, Flower (she/her) and Riley (she/her) imagined a publication dedicated to the messiness of real queer lives. Topics like sex, queer intimacy and culture, religion, and grappling with identity are all things we are interested in sharing, uncensored. 

It only took a month for this pair to become a trio when Emma (they/she) joined the editorial team! With their previous experience in writing and publishing, it finally brought the team to a place where they felt ready to start the first volume-- "Queer Love".

Ever since, the team has grown, three more volumes have been published, and our community continues to grow as we rely on each other's support.

The Misfits have since moved part of their operation to Madison, WI, where zines will be sold and events will be held in addition to Chicago, IL.

Important News

All of our most important updates for you!


Fifth Reading Event!

October 7th, 2023

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE NIGHT! It's nearly impossible to relay in a single paragraph what I felt over the course of our readings. There was such power in the vulnerability we allow ourselves to share with others. Feeling safe and seen in a room full of people you don't yet know is euphoric. Discussing these shared experiences is so very healing, and it's we are so beyond honored to share this space with you all. See some of the amazing content we covered in our fifth volume, now for sale!

subs closed.jpg

Volume 5 Submissions CLOSED!

September 8th, 2023

It's hard to find the words to thank you all enough for the amount of submissions we got for this volume. Our team is so excited to review all the art, poetry, short (non)fiction, and essays that have been sent to us. We know this won't be easy, it never is, because the submissions we read are so deeply personal and written with such passion, we truly wish we could publish them all. You will be hearing from us within the next two weeks, so keep an eye on your emails!

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Available at Bookstores!

July 25th, 2023

Yes, yes, the rumors are true! Messy Misfits Club has expanded to multiple storefronts! Currently we are selling at five different wholesalers including locations in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI and Seattle, WA!

If you're in Chicago, all of our volumes can be found at Pixie and the Boy on N Milwaukee Avenue, while our second volume is available at Quimby's on W. North Avenue. If you're in Madison, check out A Room of One's Own on Atwood Avenue and Red Clover Tattoo Collective on Willy Street for all our volumes! Lastly, if you're in Seattle, head over to Elliott Bay Book Company on 10th Avenue for any of our four volumes!

Make sure to get there soon and pick up a copy for you, your friends, and your family, even your coworkers or therapist! Who knows, we could become a household favorite someday!

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Read About Us!

Messy Misfits Club is officially published! Our first interview as a zine was for DePaulia, the newspaper for DePaul. We were able to dive into the creation of MMC and how our editors manage. Additionally, we've been referenced in Unbound's Queering the Bible. With some help from our friends and community we've been added to Chillsubs, Duotrope, and The Short List to help expand our audience. Thank you to everyone who's taken an interest in us!

nothing to repent by Kayla McWard
two bathing ladies by Kayla McWard

Nina Nazir

Featured Artist

Nina (she/her/hers) recently joined the Messy Misfits Club in our fourth volume. We loved her bright contrasting colors that really bounce off the page. Additionally, you can find her on Instagram @nina.s.nazir. Her artwork brings so much life to our fourth volume and we want you to expereince both of them as well--


"Ultra Violet"

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Located in Chicago, IL & Madison, WI

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