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Messy Misfits Club zine is a queer run publication based in Chicago (and recently Madison, WI) dedicated to discussing taboo, out-of-bounds, typically censored topics like queer intimacy and religious trauma. You can find out more by browsing our website. Volume 3 is available in our shop now, and Volume 4 is well under way! Keep an eye out for updates, as we've always got exciting news coming around the corner!

Important News

All the updates you're looking for in one spot!

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January 27th, 2023

We are so incredibly excited to finally announce the date of our next launch party! We are once again hosting at The Martin in Ukrainian Village, Chicago, Illinois. We have had such amazing evenings at this location thanks to the adoration and support we constantly receive from Whitney Lamora and Emma Robertson, who consistently make sure everything runs smoothly! As usual, we will be having several readers from the fourth volume come to give a sneak peek of the content we published! If you want to take a trip through the DREAMSCAPE, make sure to get your tickets and a copy of the zine! And, as always, anyone 21+ is welcome to join us afterwards at Dorothy Downstairs for delicious cocktails and queer bonding. We will see you there!

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Reviewing Volume 4 Submissions

December 3rd, 2022

After a nearly month of open submissions, we finally closed our art and writing forms! We've begun to review everyone's submissions and there is so much we would love to say about these gorgeous pieces, but we are biting our tongues.

Let's just say it's going to be incredibly difficult to pick and choose which works will be in our physical and digital issues. We always see so much talent, and y'all continuously outdo yourselves. It's inspiring to see what you all create and choose to share with us. We are endlessly in your debt! Without you, we would be nothing. So thank you! And keep checking your email for updates!

New Team Members -- Helen (she/they), Eliza (she/her), and Amber (They/Zir)

Welcoming New Team Members!

October 6th, 2022

Messy Misfits Club has officially expanded it's team board! We are elated to finally introduce to you Helen, Eliza, and Amber. Helen has been helping us produce our graphics and covers since the very beginning, so this has been a long time coming for them! 
Eliza will be a local event coordinator who helps us with community building, outreach, and event planning! She is going to help us make our events bigger and better than ever. 
Amber is another graphics specialist who will be helping us, along with Helen, to create top of the line zines for your enjoyment! Their skills have elevated us so much already, we cannot wait to see what all of us working together will bring in the future.
Send them lots of love and appreciation along with us, they sure do deserve it!


Acknowledging Recent Events

October 3rd, 2022

Recent events in the lit magazine community have caused a lot of pain and trauma to resurface for vulnerable members of our community. We published Indigo/Max Carter in our third volume print copy, not knowing his long line of harassment and abuse being spread on twitter. Rest assured, we are removing them from our platforms as much as we can. We do not know nearly all the information, but we want to apologize for any harm we caused in elevating him on our platforms, as well as making statements without full knowledge of the events that passed. We know other EIC's of lit mags were targeted on twitter with all this drama and hatred, and that is completely unacceptable. Just know we will not tolerate any bullying, bigotry, or hatred here. Racism, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, ableism, and other forms of harassment will not be tolerated. If you have any concerns about people we work with, publish, collaborate with, you can inform us anonymously here.

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Our Third Volume is Launched!

August 19th, 2022

Another success! Although, we didn't expect anything less. We had such a great time seeing familiar, and new faces alike. We had gorgeous contributors from Volume 3 presenting their poetry, short fiction, and artwork. We've posted photos on our social media accounts, check them out! And if you're interested in reading the zine, you can order it in our shop!

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Available at Quimby's!

June 19th, 2022

If you heard a rumor flying around that our second volume of MMC is available at Quimby's on W. North Avenue, you heard correctly! We are partnering with Quimby's Bookstore to help reach an even larger audience. If you live in Chicago, make sure to get there soon and pick up a copy for you, your friends, and your family, even your coworkers or therapist! Who knows, we could become a household favorite.

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Read About Us!

Messy Misfits Club is officially published! Our first interview as a zine was for DePaulia, the newspaper for DePaul. We were able to dive into the creation of MMC and how our editors manage. Additionally, we've been referenced in Unbound's Queering the Bible. With some help from our friends and community we've been added to Chillsubs, Duotrope, and The Short List to help expand our audience. Thank you to everyone who's taken an interest in us!

quiet night at home by Kayla McWard
nothing to repent by Kayla McWard
two bathing ladies by Kayla McWard

Featured Artist

Kayla McWard

Kayla (she/her/hers) has been featured by Messy Misfits Club several times. You can find her work in Volumes One & Two. Additionally, you can find her on Instagram @the.paintedleaf. Her artwork astonishes us each and every time. The distinct highlights hidden in the overall dark tones accentuates the queerness, romance, and intimacy in all three pieces --

"Quiet Night at Home"

"Nothing to Repent"

"Two Bathing Ladies"

Contributors Spotlight

A few past contributors who deserve a time in the limelight. Here's some of our previous amazing authors and poets to check out:

Tiara DeGuzman

Tiara DeGuzman (she/her/hers) created a gorgeous fusion piece about mermaid lore and magic; She thoroughly explores her own beliefs surrounding the aquatic beauties. DeGuzman is a practicer of mermaid magick and knows that these Atlantic sea-creatures are Black-- with their curly hair and melanated skin. DeGuzman's expertise clearly shows in this prosey-poetic piece, and is ready to be read in our second volume!

mermaid magic biomyth.PNG

Ellen Wieland

Ellen Wieland (she/her/hers) is a contributor of ours who has been featured in not one, but two volumes of our zine. Their style has a way of reeling us in and making us hold our breath. There is a lot we could say, but we believe she said it best when she submitted the poem to us: "god isn't a subject for reverence. this poem is about accountability".

You can find her poetry in both Volume 1 (Queer Love) and Volume 2 (Religion & Spirituality).

keeping god.png

Clive Uche

Clive Uche's (he/him/his) piece was spot on for our second volume. We sought pieces that not only allowed comfort in atheism or agnosticism, but also art that taught something new, or gave a new perspective. In his poem, he corrects the notion that African Traditional religion is not rooted or immersed in fetishism; he sets the record straight and implores us to find the beauty of the gods being everywhere, all around us, not made of material things.

You can find his poetry in our second volume.

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Greater Chicago Area, Illinois // Madison, Wisconsin