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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Submit To You?

We have a Submissions & Guidelines page, as well as a dedicated ART and WRITING forms on our submission page when we are open. Please read through the guidelines before submitting anything, you'll find all our requirements there.
NOTE: A link will only be available when we are actively open for submissions. We currently are closed!

Do You Ship Outside Of  The US?

Yes, we do ship internationally! We do ask that you pay a bit extra to assist in shipping and handling, but we try to make it as reasonable a price as possible! Our goal above all else is accessibility. We will reach out to you to determine a price that works for everyone.

How Do I Buy Your Zine?

We have a shop where you can go look at what physical copies we have available. We accept Venmo, PayPal, and Cashapp (or cash if you are buying in person). We started selling at several locations in Chicago, IL and Madison, WI! We will be expanding to more states eventually, but we will mail to you in the meantime!

How Many Zines Do You Publish A Year?

Every year we are striving to put out at least three issues, so that's about one every four months (though this may not always be the case)! We do this to make sure there are always opportunities around the corner for queer creators. But if you want more content on our off weeks, check out our social media or emailing list for frequent updates and other opportunities!

Can I Join The Messy Misfits Club Team?

It's definitely possible! We're always trying to expand and create the best atmosphere possible; that being said, we are all volunteers and do not get paid for our work. If you're still interested, email us! We're always happy to hear from those who are curious.

I'm Not On Social Media, How Do I Stay Connected?

We want everyone to stay updated, but understand not everyone is incredibly online, so join our email subscription list! We only send out one or two emails a month, so we won't be spamming your inbox. We just send reminders about important events, deadlines, and local news! It's also great to join, even if you are following us on Instagram or Twitter.

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