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Submission Guidelines & Forms

Submissions are currently CLOSED.

Messy Misfits Club zine is looking for stories with out of bounds content– We want to be raw, rebellious and let our voices be heard. The Messy Misfits are meant to be downright dirty!

We encourage people of all backgrounds to submit to our zine! Any LGBTQIA+ identity, racial or ethnic background, gender identity, religious affiliation, neuro-diverse and differently abled peoples, and economically disadvantaged (among more) are welcome to submit.

We accept

  • fiction

  • creative nonfiction

  • personal essay

  • flash fiction

  • poetry/prose poetry

  • illustrations

  • mixed media

  • photography

  • photo essay

  • hybrid work

If you aren’t sure about your creative medium, email us! We would be happy to work something out with you.


All of this being said, we won't consider any material that promotes/is racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, fascist, has excessive use of slurs, or promotes any hatred or forms of abuse. We want to be real and honest, but there are limits. Be Respectful!

All submissions should be your OWN work. It is okay if it has been previously published, just let us know so we can make sure they are okay with it!

You are welcome to submit to multiple sections, but please fill out the form separately for each submission. Additionally, if submitting multiple pieces (within the same section), put them into ONE document, if possible.

Simultaneous Submissions are allowed, but tell us in your submission form!

Include a short third person bio with your submission, including your pronouns and any social media links you want to promote.

Specific Guidelines Per Genre:

  • Short Fiction: 600 words or fewer (max of 2 pieces)

  • Short Non-Fiction/Essays: 600 words or fewer (max of 2 pieces)

  • Flash Fiction: 200 words or fewer (max of 2 pieces)

  • Poetry: up to 3 poems (do not exceed three pages)

  • Photos: Up to 3 single page images

  • Illustration: Up to 3 single page images

  • Hybrid: Up to 3 pages of content

Images MUST be high-res in

  • .PNG, .TIFF, or .PDF formats only

  • Titled “FirstnameLastname_Title”


Written work MUST be formatted in

  • 12pt Times

  • New Roman or Arial (just a readable font)

  • Double spaced

  • .PDF preferred, or google link, .doc, .docx files also work.

  • Titled “FirstnameLastname_Title”

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