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Messy Misfits Club wants you to meet the team behind the zine. Flower and Emma are both creative powerhouses dedicating their abilities to uplifting the voices of marginalized and typically censored groups. Flower chooses to remain anonymous at this time, but is a major part of our team and deserves just as much recognition for faer effort and passion toward this zine! Baby and Helen all joined the team later on in hopes to continue improving the zine and the message behind it.

The Team

Emma Cholip - Editor

Emma (they/them/she/her) is a Madison-based nonbinary and Queer author, and video game connoisseur. They attended UW-Madison and majored in Creative Writing and Gender & Women's Studies while working as Fiction Editor for all four years in The Madison Review

They later worked for Elite Editing, and wrote their own horror novels and poems in their free time. After spending a year in Chicago, they moved back to Wisconsin to expand the Messy Misfits Club zine to new territory, so the community could continue to grow.

Since joining The Club, Em has been introduced to many incredible leaders in the LGBTQIA+ community, and continues to nourish these relationships in hopes that one day they can be a supporting pillar for the people who have helped her to grow so much.

They have poetry published in 20/20 Mag, Queerlings, Penumbra Online, The Bitchin' Kitsch, Sage Cigarettes Magazine, The Hyacinth Review, All My Relations, Brave Voices Mag, among others featured on their Linktree.


 Helen Wargo - Graphic Design & Layout

Helen {they/them/she/her} is a 22-year-old artist and illustrator based in Chicago, IL, with a minor in illustration from DePaul University. Their colorful work focuses on childhood nostalgia and a dash of whimsy. Helen spends her free time knitting “unwearable” sweaters, fostering cats, and scrolling through Tiktok.

helen wargo.png

Baby Wood - Event Coordination & Socials Specialist

Baby {they/them/zie/zir} is a Chicago playwright currently focused on the exploration of realism with supernatural elements woven throughout to heighten zir storytelling. Zir goal in all of zir work is to make the audience question themselves and the realities zie creates, focusing on stories of family and self-realization. Zie is also a poet, fashion, and graphic designer always looking to explore different types of creative outlets.

Amber Wood.jpg
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